• Tonymoly Pikachu Blush

    C$22.99 C$18.99

    Tonymoly Pikachu Blush are back!!! 
    1. A sweet cushion blusher that dyes your both cheek moisty and lovely with vital color development filled by patting. 
    2. A spoiler mini cushion blusher that dyes your both cheek moistly. 
    3. Expresses vital facial color with lovely-dyed cheek once the vivid color is touched. 
    4. It is a cushion type giving inside-filling shiny and resilient gloss by non-dryish clear and moisty dying effect. 
    5. Long lasting without crumpling by light and outstanding adherence. 
    6. It contains Hybrid Fit Powder with superior tenacity which spreads on skin smoothly without any oiliness or stickiness. 
    7. Long lasting color with light oil-less and sticky-less adherence.